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I love movies. Love going to the cinema, catching new premieres and watching trailers. Don’t you? And – I have to admit – I also like pranks. So seeing an extremely funny fake movie poster makes me delirious! I would like to share my liking and that is why I prepared especially for you a list of the funniest fake movie posters. So check it out and share a few laughs with me.

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Some say original movie posters are funny especially when they are not intended to make you laugh. They say fake posters are rubbish and there is no creativity in making them. Some claim those posters are usually full of nudity and profanity. Well, there is some truth to that. However lend me just a few minutes of your time, and I’m sure I can convince you to my point of view.First of all don’t judge too quickly. Some of the remakes can be a great commentary on the actual movie or even on modern politics. A lot of fake posters were created around the time when the war in Iraq began, or when Obama was elected president of United States. So don’t tell me the fake poster makers have no creativity. Check this out:

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