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What The Finalists Should Have Sung On "X Factor" Tonight

It was 'Great British Songbook' week, but here are the Brit-hits each contestant should have turned up to battle with. Simon Cowell, you're welcome.

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Hannah Barrett - "Tears Dry On Their Own"

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Ok, so Hannah did actually rock Satisfaction after the initial verse being too low for her, but she would have sounded like silky perfection on this track. Plus Amy was noticeably missing from tonight's show despite being a hugely influential British artist.

Luke Friend - "Penny Lane"

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Luke's slightly raspy vocals would have suited this track, as well as putting a lot of fun in to it. Cue marching band and coloured flags waving in the background.

Sam Bailey - "Somebody To Love"

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I feel like Sam's voice wasn't done justice tonight. Sure, she sang The Beatles but I would have much preferred to see her belt this out. If I was superstitious I would say that Something was chosen to knock her off her pedestal.

Rough Copy - "Goodbye"

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You can call me crazy, but I seriously think this would have been amazing. Stripped back, just vocals and maybe a guitar.


Sam Callahan - "I'm Still Standing"

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Apart from the obvious that Sam keeps coming back to haunt Gary like a post-apocalyptic cockroach, I'm Still Standing would have suited his voice more than Faith, which didn't have a strong enough backing track to carry his screeching. And don't get me started on the guitar playing...

Tamera Foster - "The Promise"

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Instead of being hunched over in a box, Tamera could have thrown a game-changer with some Girls Aloud - especially with something like their Brit Awards performance.

Nicholas McDonald - "Yellow"

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Adele wasn't a bad song choice,actually. At least it's about 20 years more current than the rest of what he's been singing. But rather than singing about losing a girlfriend he's not even gone out with yet, he could have earned some serious sweet points with this.

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