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5 Reasons Cyrus Beene Is Perfect

Cyrus Beene is arguably one of the most fascinating characters in TV history. The first gay Republican Chief of Staff who also turned down an offer to run Harvard; the ruthlessly ambitious, dangerously loyal, frightfully brilliant, and effortlessly funny persona brought to life by Jeff Perry on Shonda Rhimes's Scandal is one that everybody loves (and sometimes loathes, but mostly just loves).

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1. He is hilarious

From his myriad priceless facial expressions, to his bitingly sarcastic one-liners, to his scathing diatribes – whether he's contemplating post-funeral interviews on the president's suicide...

2. He has the most heartwarming love story

After 40 years of living in the closet and having heterosexual sex he neither enjoyed nor understood, he met the love of his life. Fighting through denial and fear and uncertainty, he gave in to James’s witty and sassy charms. The first man he made love to, his husband.

3. ...And also the most tragic

Even with all the adorableness of their love, there were secrets and lies and betrayal. He used James as a pawn in political game which backfired and resulted in James cheating on him. He attempted to have James assassinated - and even though he couldn’t follow through with it at the last second, James still got murdered in one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the show’s run yet.

He will take shit from no one and talk shit to anyone– including the president of the United States. He is a bigger badass than you, Chuck Norris, the Overly Manly Man, and anyone else you know. And he knows it.

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