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35 Ways In Which Jennifer Lawrence Is Just Like Us

Although Her Majesty The Queen of Derp has skyrocketed into a successful career of fame and fortune, our Lord and Savior JLaw leads a life similar to that of us mere peasants.

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1. She freaks out when that super cute boy smiles at her in the cafeteria.

ABC / Via

2. She knows how we feel when our doctor makes us stand on the scale at our annual checkups.

The Weinstein Company / Via

3. She doesn't take well to criticism or lack of interest.

4. She doesn't pretend that she's a Muggle with no working knowledge of the magical world.

Well okay, so she's not a witch. But she's gotta be at least a Squib!

5. She's a hazard to herself and others, so she can't be trusted easily.

6. She stares at her naked body for entirely too long in the mirror.

7. She practices her facial expressions for those one-second Snaps she wants to send to her friends.

8. She knows it takes a little bit of work to get ready in the morning.


9. She just loves food and doesn't pretend otherwise.

Like, really likes food.

She might actually like it a little TOO much.

Oh god, Jen...

ABC / Via


AOL / Via

Well, at least she preaches the truth.



10. She understands that when it comes to life or death situations, Honey Boo Boo is a priority.


11. She's certainly wasn't named "Most Athletic" in high school.

12. She feels sheer terror when an overly aggressive horn-dog corners her at the bar with only one thing on his mind.

13. She knows her place in the social hierarchy and accepts it.

14. She knows exactly what every boy needs on his résumé in order to have a fighting chance.

15. She happily plays along when an old acquaintance says they should go out for drinks sometime.


16. She's generally a happy, calm, and emotionally stable person, unless it's her time of the month. Or actually any other week in that month, too.

The Weinstein Company / Via

17. She knows any time is a good time to break out a "Mean Girls" reference.

18. She does the bare minimum to get ready for school.

*Note: This is not an actual quote from Jennifer, but it is highly likely that she will wind up saying this in an interview within the next few years anyway. Let's be real.

19. She'll knock any bitch out who flirts with her man even though he doesn't know he's her man yet.

Lionsgate / Via

20. Just because she's successful in her career now doesn't mean she has a better work ethic.

21. She's really not smooth. Like, at all.

22. She likes to take things slow and really get to know a guy before she--

The Weinstein Company / Via

Ooookay. That was fast.

23. She freaks the freak out over the coming attractions for next week's "Dance Moms" episode.


24. She considers any weekend a successful weekend when she behaves herself and doesn't make any regrettable decisions.

25. She's beauty and she's grace...

26. ...She's Miss United States.

E! / Via

27. She is preparing for the day that Ryan Gosling finally breaks up with Eva Mendes.

Lionsgate / Via

28. She tries to stick to her New Year's Resolutions every year. I wonder how 2014 is going so far?

29. She doesn't do the whole modesty thing very well when it comes to the work she's done.

30. She's not very well-spoken in the art of seduction.

MTV / Via

She's about as subtle as an elephant.


A for effort, Jen!

31. She wanted to push Taylor Swift down the stairs. True story.

32. She's a great motivational speaker to the youth of our generation.

33. She dances like she's 4 tequila shots and 2 gin and tonics deep.

Columbia Pictures / Via
Columbia Pictures / Via
Columbia Pictures / Via

34. She's under bizarre delusions about her love life.


35. Jennifer Lawrence is everything. And without her, we'd be lost.

Columbia Pictures / Via

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