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25 Life Lessons You've Learned By Watching "FRIENDS"

As if the show wasn't already God's most perfect gift to the world, "Friends" actually taught some truly valuable life lessons that we carry out in our day-to-day lives.

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1. Always keep things in perspective. Your bad day might not seem as bad as someone else's.

2. Accept and embrace the body you have.

3. Friends come and go, but cherish the precious few who have always been by your side.

4. Men and women will not always see eye to eye on everything.

5. Never reveal too much about yourself on the first date. Always leave them wanting to know more.

6. Violence is never the answer. But sometimes sassy comebacks will do the trick.


7. Education is extremely important. Stay in school, kids.

8. Mexican food fixes everything.

9. It's not easy dealing with messy roommates, but it's better to resolve the issue now rather than it building up inside you.

10. There's nothing wrong with still being a kid at heart.

11. Don't be discouraged. The love of your life is out there. You may just be looking in the wrong direction.

See what I did there? ;)

12. It's always better to tell the truth. Your friends will appreciate your honesty.

13. Be happy for others when they find love. Even if you're lonely and bitter.

14. Sharing is the right thing to do. Unless it involves food.


16. It may seem like you have the worst luck when it comes to dating, but just know that someone else's love life is probably a little bit sadder.

17. It's always better to take the high road. Never stoop down to their level.

18. You won't understand everything at first, but you'll figure it all out eventually.

19. When it comes to flirting, stick to the basics.

20. Don't be nosy and pry into people's personal lives. You may not like what you see...

21. Again kids, school is very, very important.

22. Don't stress -- you WILL end up with your soul mate eventually. You might just need to have a child with them first.

23. Be respectful and avoid offensive language and gestures when you're speaking with someone.

24. You're going to fight with your friends, and that's okay. It's nice though to have a third party present to jump in and mediate if things get out of hand.

25. Be proud of who you are. There's only one YOU in the entire world!

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