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Can You Escape From This Haunted House?

*door creaks open ominously*

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It's the night before Halloween and your friends ask you to explore a haunted house with them tomorrow. How do you reply?
You go for a midnight walk and find yourself in front of an abandoned house. You realize this is the house your friends were talking about. What do you do?
You step inside the house and the door immediately shuts behind you. How do you feel?
You look around you and decide to explore. Where do you go?
You suddenly hear a thud in the room next door. You go towards the noise and find yourself in a room full of dolls. What do you do?
Suddenly a little girl appears in front of you. How do you react?
The girl screams and disappears. You run towards the entrance and try to open it but it's locked. What's your next move?
The lights turn off leaving you in complete darkness. What do you do?
You feel something wet drip on you and look up. You see a creature with sharp teeth hanging on the ceiling staring at you.
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