A Definitive Ranking Of "Teen Wolf" Ships

If you’re not watching Teen Wolf you’re missing out. Big time. WARNING: Potential Spoilers!

24. Pydia (Peter/Lydia)

They have some weird connection. But it is definitely not good.

23. Scydia (Scott/Lydia)

MTV / Via tvovermind.com

It was one brief moment, and it was wrong in so many ways.

22. Isaacora (Isaac/Cora)

MTV / Via pinterest.com

It pretty much stopped here, but it would have been cute all the same.

21. Kerek (Kate/Derek)

They had a past, and some mad tension, but there were some MAJOR obstacles.

20. Victis (Victoria and Chris Argent)

MTV / Via buddytv.com

They may have loved each other, but she was kind of bitch. OK, maybe more than kind of… I mean she tried to kill her daughter’s boyfriend.

19. Berica (Boyd/Erica)

MTV / Via fanpop.com

They never REALLY got together, but we all know they loved each other ‘til the end.

18. Stanny (Stiles/Danny)

A little chemistry maybe? Danny would definitely step up to help a bro in need.

17. Dackson (Danny/Jackson)

They were BFFs. Even if Jackson could be kind of a douche.

16. Daige (Derek/Paige)

They were young and it ended tragically, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

15. Lackson (Lydia/Jackson)

They did seem to actually care about each other by the end, but it was mostly about the popularity.

14. Dennifer (Derek/Jennifer)

They were hot and heavy, but c’mon, we all knew she was bad news.

13. Staitlin (Stiles/Caitlin)

MTV / Via hypable.com

Could this be a new love interest for Stiles? Or is it just a passing thing?

12. Allydia (Allison/Lydia)

MTV / Via fanpop.com

Best Friends Forever.

11. Aidia (Aidan/Lydia)

They always seem to have a good time.

10. Dethan (Danny/Ethan)

MTV / Via thebacklot.com

They make a pretty hot and fantastic couple. And going back to high school just to win someone back is awfully romantic.

9. Scira (Scott/Kira)

Scott seems to have a thing for new girls in town. But it’s sweet and pretty adorable.

8. Scallison (Scott/Allison)

This seems to be a thing of the past, but it was definitely epic while it lasted. No one ever forgets their first love, and we haven’t either… even if Scott and Allison have moved on.

7. Allisaac (Allison/Isaac)

This has been gearing up for a while, and it couldn’t be more glorious.

6. Shelissa (*Sheriff Stilinski/Melissa McCall)

Wouldn’t they just be great together!? And then Scott and Stiles could officially be brothers.
*Since his first name is under wraps we’ll just have to ship with Sheriff for now

5. Scerek (Scott/Derek)

They’ve got that older brother/younger brother thing going on. Except now I think the tables have turned a bit since Season 1…

4. Scisaac (Scott/Isaac)

Scott took Isaac under his wing and now they live together and Isaac is extremely loyal to Scott- what could be sweeter. Plus, it seems like they may be on their way to becoming Eskimo brothers…. not sure how to feel about that.

3. Sterek (Stiles/Derek)

MTV / Via hypable.com

Everyone knows there’s something there. And if we want it badly enough it has to happen, right?

2. Stydia (Stiles/Lydia)

MTV / Via media-addict.hu

They’re like the Seth and Summer of Beacon Hills — they are destined to be together.

1. Sciles (Scott/Stiles)

They’re brothers. No matter what.

Bonus: Jeffans (Jeff Davis/Teen Wolf Fans)

It’s kind of a love/hate relationship because he’s always playing with our emotions and all. But in the end it’s mostly just love because without him we wouldn’t have any of these amazing ships.

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