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    • MysteryGirl

      1)”Dedication” not Obsession.
      2)Oh! You call LOVE “Addiction”? Alright.
      3)Four minutes? Are you kidding me? Make it four hours.
      4)Biggest misunderstanding. Directioners don’t listen to 1D only.
      5)Umm. Real Directioners don’t wear 1D merchandise that oftenly. Too carrot-ey.
      6)No it can be Louis, Liam, Zayn or Niall. We won’t mind.
      7)A week? Needed more time than that. That was too much to handle.
      8)Yeah, what can be more important than 1D pranks?
      9)Lungs, heart, brain. Every frigging thing in the body stops functioning.
      10) Nah. Our entire soul just rips apart.
      11) Dude, you’re repeating things.
      12) Why on earth would I want to do that? Idjit.
      13) Yeah. And then pray for Liam to come and save me. #FIREMAN
      15) You have no idea.
      16) Umm. Stop being so intimate and laugh at what he’s doing. #CrazyMofo
      17) Nope, that’s not it.
      18) Oh yeah. That “bring it on” move.
      19-20) SCREAM??? Is that it???
      22) Ahan???
      23)No. We don’t DIE. We start solving the mystery behind that stupid, pointless tattoo.
      24) Okay? Who wrote all this? Must be a FANGIRL.
      25) CRY?
      26) Nope. I don’t see such things when I’m in public. Ssshhh.
      27) What do you think of Directioners? We LAUGHED like crazy and yeah, tbh cursed them a bit too.
      30)Same old things. #repetition
      32) NO, NO, NO. We tweet about Niall who’s looking like a pregnant lady in this gif.
      33)Oh. You have no idea what we think when we see such stuff. Or maybe you do. *cough*
      34)Our life was ruined once when we stepped into this fandom. And from that day onwards, it’s never been better.
      35) I tried to start taking tea without sugar. But it never worked.
      36) We don’t love their body parts only. >_<
      37-39) YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING. DIRECTIONERS don’t love their BODIES only, they love them for who THEY ARE. They love their MUSIC. They love their STORIES. They love their BROTHERLY RELATIONSHIP with each other.  P.S. Don’t need your opinion. If you don’t like it, then keep it to yourself.

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