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    Thirsty Anchor Drops His Fork Over Sexy Chef On Live Tv

    He was hungry for more than just crab cakes!


    Anchor Scot Haney reacted to this article on today's episode of Better Connecticut, commenting that Ryan is "probably one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen!"

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    When Ryan Durant, owner of Assaggio Restaurant in Branford, CT appeared on local program "Better Connecticut" to demonstrate his recipe for crab cakes, he got more attention than he expected from the program's male co-anchor.

    Watch below at the reporter's hilariously awkward reaction to Durant admitting that he is not married.

    Watch Ryan's full segment below for more hilarious moments


    Just because Ryan is straight (sorry boys), doesn't mean he isn't an ally to the gay community. Ryan is involved with the non-profit organization Dining Out For Life, an annual dining fundraising event raising money for AIDS service organizations.

    He can be found every night at his restaurant, Assaggio, for those who would like to come pay him a special visit!