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    17 Reactions To A Sephora Sale

    Oh 20% off now I can totally justify at least a third of my Loves List #MakeupHaul


    I reallly shouldn't. I don't actually need anything. Especially since I've kind of placed an order at least once a month since like May. That's normal right?


    I mean I never actually like what's on sale but with 20% off I get to CHOOSE what I want!


    I'll just check my Loves List. Just to see...


    I want EVERYTHING!


    Okay okay...


    I'm going to get SOMETHING!


    I only need to spend like $15 more to get free shipping!


    Maybe I should get that eyeliner I've had my eye on. But I mean it's almost $30...That's like twice what I want to spend...Maybe there's a value set...Ooo...Wait how are there like eight more things in my cart now?


    Alright, wow! Holy shit is that the time? Whatever, I'm totally ready to checkout. I'm definitely completely decided, I won't change my mind, let's do this!





    *Clicks Refresh no less than 60 times* Texts other Sephora addict friends, everyone is losing their shit. There is chaos in the makeup world...This is not a drill


    I will burn everything you love if I don't get to enjoy 20% off. I mean realistically the sale goes through next week but everything is obviously going to be gone by then. There are people that are able to use the site right now and they're buying all the stuff I want. I may have a problem...


    I mean I KNOW I have a problem but I need this stuff for reasons...


    Oh it's working again! Yay!


    Yeah I definitely want another color of this...I've made good choices...Now to just plug in the promo code...


    What do you MEAN the promo isn't in effect yet?! Ugh...Either I'm being sent a very specific message not to buy anything or I'm just going to have to wait until later...Which means more time to decide if I really want any of this stuff...I'm doomed...


    Sephora sales are the best! VIBRouge here I come!

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