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    "Yaaaas Gaga" Is The Perfect Way To Tell Someone You Love Them

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas yes Gaga you look so good. Oh my god yes. Gaga you look beautiful.

    Once upon a time, Instagram user princeneptune met Lady Gaga and was really excited about it.

    And so a meme was born!

    The best meme of all time, thank you very much.

    From simple photos.

    To prayer circles for mother monster.

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    Via Twitter: @stevenstorms

    And flawless photo sets.

    Then came the remixes. Like R. Kelly's "Bump And Grind."


    Nicki Minaj's "Moment For Life."


    Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem"


    Usher's "Yeah"


    Ahem, "Yaaaaas."

    And of course, there's an "Applause" remix.

    You will soon find yourself praying to the gods of yaaaaas.

    It's the perfect compliment for every flawless queen.

    And queen bee.

    It's wearable.

    And downright presidential.

    But be sure not to annoy the queen.