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    Emma Carmichael To Become Editor-In-Chief Of Jezebel

    Carmichael is leaving The Hairpin after running the site for a little more than a year. She will replace Jessica Coen.

    Emma Carmichael, one of the current co-editors of The Hairpin, will leave her post after a little more than a year to become the editor-in-chief of Jezebel.

    "I've learned so much on this job, and the only reason I feel even remotely prepared for this next thing is because of my time working with you all," Carmichael wrote in an email to her colleagues at The Awl.

    Carmichael did not return a request for comment. In the email obtained by BuzzFeed, Carmichael said she would be working with Awl cofounders Choire Sicha and Alex Balk, as well as Hairpin founder Edith Zimmerman, to find a new editor, but at this time did not have a successor.

    Sources told BuzzFeed in May that Jessica Coen would be stepping down.

    This will be Carmichael's third editing role at Gawker Media — she previously worked as the managing editor of Gawker and Deadspin.

    Jezebel had 17 million-plus unique views last month worldwide.

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    Joel Johnson has posted a note on his Kinja page announcing the hire:

    "Today, I made an offer to Emma Carmichael to return to Gawker Media as Editor-in-Chief of Jezebel. She accepted. Jessica and I are still working out her next role after she steps down from Jezebel—she's very likely going to be working with me directly spearheading a new cross-site interviews initiative—but in the interim she'll be working with Emma and deputy editor Dodai Stewart to figure out a transition schedule sometime around late summer or early fall."

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