Taylor Lautner And His Wife, Also Taylor Lautner, Shared A Cute Video Of Their Matching Tattoos

    No. They didn't get "Taylor" tattooed on their foreheads. That was my first guess.

    My favorite Twilight eye-candy, Taylor Lautner, recently celebrated his wife Taylor Lautner's birthday by getting surprise matching tats.

    tay and taylor sitting at an awards show

    In an Instagram video shared on Mar. 22, the newlyweds rocked their new ink by The Ghost Kat's Kate McDuffie to commemorate their holy matrimony.

    Tay captioned the post, "Best birthday surprise ever." In the video, the couple showed the entire process from start to finish, and it's a cute little peek into their love story.

    my husband surprised me with matching tattoos, tay and taylor take a mirror selfie

    Here's the cute couple locking down just the right font.

    arrow pointing to a date on the computer with text, best one in my opinion

    And here's Taylor getting his unforgettably Jacob Black forearm cleaned and prepped.

    taylor sitting down having his arm prepped with text, these arms saved lives from evil vampires

    Now, here's Taylor being brave under the needle.

    taylor lying on the couch with text, getting imprinted

    Here's a close-up of Tay (his wife) getting her turn under the needle.

    tattoo artist working on taylor's arm

    And now the freshly finished product.

    the two showing off their wedding date tattoo just above their wrists

    Nov. 11, 2022 — isn't that sweet? Although, I could've put money on the fact that they were going to get "TAYLOR" tattooed in Old English across their foreheads since it would be a foolproof idea.

    the two smiling into the camera and showing their tats

    Gee, it was a struggle to figure out which Taylor I was talking about. However, on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Taylor talked about how it's not difficult at all to navigate having the same name as his wife.

    taylor lautner on the show

    "A lot of people just do 'boy Tay' and 'girl Tay,'" he shared. "Either Taylor and Tay—or boy Tay, girl Tay—works."

    closeup of taylor smiling on the show

    Well, boy Tay, you need to tell girl Tay I'm still not over the fact that she's Team Edward.

    edward with text that says no and jacob with text that says yes

    Watch the short Instagram video of their tattoo journey here.