20 Props From "Stranger Things" I Want To Have In Real Life

    Give me Lucas's slingshot, Nancy's outfits, or Steve's baseball bat.

    Everyone is drooling over Steve Harrington and Eddie Munson, as they should because they're scrum-diddly-umptious bad boys with fantastic hair. But I'm busy also fantasizing about all random stranger "things" that I must have to hide in my closet from my mom and angry government scientists.

    Here are 20 random things from Stranger Things I must have right this minute.

    Murray Bauman with text reading: "Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead"

    1. Max Mayfield's Life-Saving Sony Walkman WM-8

    Max listening to the Walkman

    2. Eddie Munson's Sacrificial Guitar

    Eddie playing the guitar

    3. Mike Wheeler's Dungeon & Dragons Set

    The gang playing Dungeons and Dragons

    4. Steve Harrington's Spiked Discipline Stick

    Closeup of Steve Harrington with his baseball bat

    5. Suzie Bingham's Illegally-Owned Supercomputer

    The gang on the computer

    6. Eleven's Thrift Store Blonde Costume Wig

    Closeup of Eleven

    7. Robin Buckley's Emerald Lust Band Ensemble

    Screen shot from "Stranger Things"

    8. Joyce Byers' Supernatural Christmas Lights

    Joyce holding Christmas lights

    9. Lucas Sinclair's Social Justice Slingshot

    Lucas with his slingshot

    10. Nancy Wheeler's Entire Closet of Outfits

    Nancy and Robin

    11. Erica Sinclair's Non-Problematic American Flag

    Erica in "Stranger Things"

    12. Dustin Henderson's Accidental Genius Ham Radio

    Screen shots from "Stranger Things"

    13. Jonathan Byers' Castle Byers Humble Hideaway

    Castle Byers in "Stranger Things"

    14. Argyle's Hot-Boxed Surfer Boy Pizza Van

    Argyle in "Stranger Things"

    15. Dr. Martin Brenner's Overpriced Sensory Deprivation Tank

    Eleven in a sensory deprivation tank

    16. Murray Bauman's Black Belt of Love and Conspiracy

    Murray in "Stranger Things"

    17. Jim Hopper's Traumatic Dad Letter

    Hopper and Eleven

    18. Little Vecna's Crusty Jar of Spiders

    Little Henry in "Stranger Things"

    19. Will Byers' Homoerotic Love Me Painting

    Will and Mike and Will's painting in "Stranger Things"

    20. A Baby Demodog Pollywog

    A baby demodog in "Stranger Things"