All 32 Of Nancy Wheeler's Looks Ranked, And Yes We're Talking About THAT Jacket

    These looks would stop the Mind Flayer dead in its tracks.

    If you've watched even a single episode of Stranger Things, you know that Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) is not only the MVP of the series, she's also a fashion ICON, hunny.

    her character dancing in an updo perm and plaid dress

    From Season 1 to Season 4, this girl is bringing you '80s FASH-ION at its best! And with each costume change, the Hawkins teen elicits a Gay Gasp™ out of this Nancy superfan.

    32. The Basiqué Pink Blouse

    close up of Nancy in a button-up

    31. The Striped Poolside "Cool Girl" Look

    30. The Lil Pink Jam-jams

    close up: long-sleeved pj's with a checkered print

    29. The Sweaty Pink Tee

    Nancy wearing a longer short sleeve crew neck top tucked into belted jeans

    28. The Gray Turtle Gray Coat or GTGC

    sitting on a car, Nancy wears jeans and a gray turtleneck sweater under a gray jacket

    27. The Funeral Chic

    close up: Nancy's hair half pulled back and a simple dress

    26. The Just Add Scrunchie

    25. The Pop o' Pink Turtle

    24. The Embroidered Big Sister PJ Set

    a short-sleeved and pants combo

    23. The Stride of Pride Hooded Coat

    close up of her wearing the hooded jacket as she walks upstairs

    22. The Long-Distance Relationship Sweater

    21. The I Saw My Neighbor Eat Fertilizer

    20. The Cashmere Young Woman

    close up of a gray sweater with knitted detail along the collar

    19. The Homework Hottie Look

    18. The Day to Upside Down Look

    17. The "It's Easter Somewhere!" Skirt-suit

    a blue pastel cropped blazer and matching skirt with a simple button up worn buttoned all the way up

    16. The Sorry He's My Boyfriend

    15. The "I'm a Very Busy Reporter Lady" Dress

    14. The Confessions Of A Teenage Monster Hunter

    close up of a checkered jacket on top of a sweater and simple necklace

    13. The I See Her Everywhere Look

    a cardigan over a plaid button up

    12. The Baby's First Espionage

    11. The "It's Bullshit" Ribbon Sweater Set

    10. The I'm Gonna Save This Goddamn Town Look

    9. THE Sweater

    8. The "I'll Tell You Exactly Where You Can Shove This Coffee"

    Nancy enters a room wearing a short-sleeved dress with buttons down the front and a pastel belt at her waist

    7. The I Own 50% Of This Library

    a jean jacket over a button-up

    6. The Ribbons Are A Girl's Best Friend

    5. The I Will Melt Your Heart At The Snowball Look

    Nancy in an updo wearing a plaid dress with a pocket

    4. The Monologue Dress

    3. The Yes I'm Going To Emerson

    2. The Goddamn Badass And Don't You Forget It

    Nancy pointing a gun while leaning out the car window wearing a diagonally striped top

    1. The Quintessential Nance

    Let us know what your favorite Nancy looks are in the comments!