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    "Scream 2" Screenwriter Expressed Regret For Killing Off A Fan-Favorite Character

    We, the Scream fans, expect nothing less than a full-page written apology.

    I remember it like it was yesterday. The best character in the Scream franchise was stolen from us too soon all for a little 1997 shock value.

    Closeup of Randy

    Scream 2 screenwriter Kevin Williamson — who also wrote I Know What You Did Last Summer and created The Vampire Diaries and Dawson's Creek (yeah, seriously) — recently admitted the slasher franchise could've been very different.

    Closeup of Kevin Williamson

    For the 25th anniversary of Scream 2, Williamson told Entertainment Weekly he regrets killing Jamie Kennedy's character, Randy.

    Closeup of Jamie Kennedy

    “I thought if you kill someone really important to the audience in the middle, it just ups the stakes," he said.

    Screenshot from "Scream"

    According to Williamson, he had no choice but to kill Randy. “Everything’s off the table. I knew we weren’t going to kill Sidney, I knew we weren’t going to kill Gale or Dewey. Those three characters, for Scream 2, were safe, and so I had to look to the secondary characters.”

    Screenshot from "Scream"

    He added, “I love Randy. I would have given him a much bigger life had I known this franchise was going to live and live. I would have loved for him to be a legacy character."

    Screenshot from "Scream 2"

    "At the time, I thought it would just be the punch in the gut the audience needed at that time, to really get mad, and get mad at the killer," he said.

    Someone in a Ghostface mask pretending to kill Jamie Kennedy

    The thing is, I'm sure if Randy survived Scream 2, he wouldn't have lasted much longer. The only person from the original cast returning to the next movie is Courteney Cox. Neve Campbell, unfortunately, exited the franchise after salary disputes.

    Closeup of Neve Campbell

    The next installment, Scream 6, will take place in New York City and features Wednesday star Jenna Ortega, Samara Weaving, and Dermot Mulroney, with Cox and Hayden Panettiere reprising their roles from previous films.

    Jamie Kennedy and Neve Campbell with two other people

    It's never too late to bring Randy back. All the cool franchises are doing it nowadays.