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    Lil Nas X Was Accused Of "Mocking Christianity," And His Response Has Sparked Mixed Reactions

    "I'm just an artist expressing myself in different ways."

    There's controversy over Lil Nas X again.

    Closeup of him with long straightened hair

    On Nov. 29, Nas shared a video of new song and asked his fans, "y'all mind if I enter my Christian era?"

    Him in a lacy outfit with a feathered headpiece holding a bible

    In the video, he danced around with long hair and a jean skirt, singing lyrics like "Father stretch my hands / the lonely road seems to last the longest / help me with my plans / everything seems to go to nowhere."

    Twitter: @LilNasX

    On the surface, it appeared that there was nothing controversial about the song. But, the 24-year-old artist still received backlash, being accused of making a mockery of Christianity.

    Him and ice spice at an awards show

    Here's some of what they had to say:

    Tf is this, don’t mock god
    I hope he’s actually trying to change his ways and not making fun of god
    Idk it’s giving mockery I don’t like it

    Even Fast and Furious actor Tyrese Gibson wrote, "Y'all gone learn to stop playing with God..." and accused Lil Nas X of "making a mockery about Jesus" with his new music.

    Tyrese’s tweet over a photo of him

    In response to Tyrese, Nas wrote: "This really crazy cuz all I did was post a song about asking God for hope when you feel hopeless and y'all acting like I posted a video of me burning a church down and peeing on a nativity scene."

    Closeup of bad wearing sunglasses

    Now, Nas has responded to more backlash, highlighting a valid point about criticism of his past work. "I hate how the world successfully changed the narrative of the 'Call Me By Your Name' video," he wrote in X post (formerly known as Twitter).

    "Y'all hate that I symbolically took ownership of the very place y'all condemned gay people to," he continued. "So you've flipped the script and convinced everyone that it's about me 'mocking God.'"

    Twitter: @LilNasX

    On Nov. 30, he wrote, "Y'all see everything I do as a gimmick. When in reality, I'm just an artist expressing myself in different ways. Whether I'm a cowboy, gay, satanic, or now Christian, y'all find a problem! Y'all don't police nobody else art like mine. Y'all hate me because I'm fun, cute, and petite."

    Him holding the bible

    People are having mixed reactions to Lil Nas X's new "era" and response to the backlash, and it makes you wonder who's right and who's wrong in this scenario?

    Remember if god made you in his image you are never closer to him than when you are fully yourself

    Twitter: @AdrianXpression
    People in these comments forget when Jesus said let you without sin cast the fist stone and it shows
    He has such a history of trolling and this is so good that I can’t tell if he’s being serious or not
    I hope he’s actually changing his ways
    There is no such thing as a Christian era stop playing wit god thanks

    Twitter: @babyturnips_
    Ain’t this the same man that was trying to sell Nike 666 sneakers with blood
    I love how people so holy when it comes to others lifestyles
    Y’all play with Jesus everyday with all the sinning you be doing too get off your Christian high horse
    Wait so what if he’s serious and actually found god