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"Ice To Meet You": People Are Reacting To Ice Spice Meeting Jason Kelce At The 2024 Super Bowl

This is better than any Super Bowl commercial, tbh.

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Hey besties! Taylor Swift is at Super Bowl LVIII, obviously.

Closeup of Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

But, our fave girl didn't roll up to the event alone. She came with her posse: Blake Lively and Ice Spice because, obviously, Travis Kelce's team needs all the good "Karma" it can get.

Ice Spice, Taylor Swift, and Blake Lively at the Super Bowl

Along with Taylor and friends, Travis's family is obviously there, including Donna Kelce and Jason Kelce to watch his little brother play.

Arrow pointing to Jason Kelce
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Before the game started, Taylor meeting up with the family was captured on video, and once she introduced Ice Spice to her boyfriend's big brother, the hilarious moment went viral.

Closeup of Jason Kelce meeting Ice Spice as Taylor Swift looks on

“Now which spice are you?” pic.twitter.com/ffoHUep2tc

— Jasmine (@JasmineLWatkins) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @JasmineLWatkins

“what does it mean to be the shit but not the fart?” pic.twitter.com/Qma0cIL8vF

— Erèn 🎯 (@erenfromtarget) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @erenfromtarget

“Am I saying that right, Munch?” pic.twitter.com/rTvvJ6yPok

— Mucci Wally Wally, Mucci Bang Bang (@MucciFlipFlop) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @MucciFlipFlop

“Ice and Spice, just how I like my margaritas! Ha, I’m Jason” pic.twitter.com/x7DKI5C6E5

— B.W. Carlin (@BaileyCarlin) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @BaileyCarlin

‘Go Chiefs’ ‘facts’ pic.twitter.com/QG50rwyy9Z

— m (@greynovember019) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @greynovember019

What attending social work events feels like pic.twitter.com/n7A3XquSTc

— Revamped | Career & Workplace Development (@RevampedCP) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @RevampedCP

“what does grrah mean” pic.twitter.com/CsD7LPuVmZ

— tortured poet faith⸆⸉ (@outhewoodsyet) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @outhewoodsyet

“so good to meet you…. I love the fart song!!” pic.twitter.com/iCVDhwdPQn

— abbey 🩵 (@lknowplaces13) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @lknowplaces13

“I love your song the sun will come out tomorrow” pic.twitter.com/IOT7TZgnkL

— Riley 🐍🖤 (@RiledUpForSwift) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @RiledUpForSwift

"Ice to meet you" pic.twitter.com/y5mUKTEuJ6

— CJ Fogler account may or may not be notable (@cjzero) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @cjzero

“are you excited to watch the game?”

“grah” pic.twitter.com/cIgHxlAEbl

— connor 🇵🇸 (@cowboylikeconnr) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @cowboylikeconnr

imagine seeing this a year ago and having to explain why jason kelce and ice spice are in the same room pic.twitter.com/8DymVhC0pC

— paris rae (@parisrae13) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @parisrae13

“so am i the shit or the fart?” pic.twitter.com/rnSbFkbF8r

— paris rae (@parisrae13) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @parisrae13

Jason Kelce getting introduced to Ice Spice was not on my 2024 bingo card. pic.twitter.com/li1LY2YQ9S

— Ari Meirov (@MySportsUpdate) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @MySportsUpdate

And finally, this hilarious moment of Mama Kelce on her phone.

google search: what is an ice spice pic.twitter.com/e6zuLitjeJ

— Riley 🐍🖤 (@RiledUpForSwift) February 11, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @RiledUpForSwift

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