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    Dominic Fike Opened Up About His Co-Dependency And His Relationship Status After A Very Public Romance With Hunter Schafer

    "I've always been in these public relationships."

    Dominic Fike might have officially confirmed his relationship status.

    Closeup of Dominic

    In 2022, Dominic and Hunter Schafer went public with their relationship after they were spotted together in Los Angeles on numerous occasions.

    Closeup of the couple

    Now, during an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter and actor apparently confirmed they're no longer together.

    Dominic and Zane during the interview

    Speaking on his issues with codependency, Dominic revealed he feels like he's "the only one catching this learning curve" of being alone.

    Dominic singing on stage

    "What the fuck do I do when I'm by myself," he asked, to which Zane added that "love shouldn't be a need."

    After agreeing, Dominic added, "that [codepedency] has bled into [his] relationships, which is crazy." And then, he confirmed he's single, saying, "I'm better at it. I'm done being in relationships right now."

    Him on stage with his guitar

    "I've always been in these public relationships," he said.

    Him and hunter at an event

    He opened up about how it's challenging to be in a highly publicized relationship/breakup, possibly referencing Hunter. "Now every time I go through a breakup, I got to see somebody on a damn billboard."

    Zane asked him if he was excited to return to Euphoria since both Dominic and Hunter starred in Season 2 and will most likely return for the following season. The "Mona Lisa" singer admitted that he "has a better dynamic with everybody," before revealing that might not be true for everyone.

    He shared that while filming Euphoria, he was "in this very sped-up form of intimacy," and he was "forced to be [his] silliest," which led to an acceleration of the intimacy that was there.

    Closeup of him on stage

    "Relationships or flings are put on a fast track."

    Well, there you have it. Dominic Fike is officially single.

    Check out the rest of what Dominic had to say below.

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