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The Breakup Text Message Justin Timberlake Sent To Britney Spears Has Reportedly Been Revealed And People Are Upset

In response to the alleged break-up text message, Britney reportedly said, "I'm going to show him that he blew the best thing he ever had."

A new, never-been-told Britney Spears confession is here, folks.

We've literally been hit one major revelation after the next from the 41-year-old pop star's forthcoming memoir, The Woman In Me.

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In 2000, Britney and *NSYNC singer Justin Timberlake debuted as an item, and the popstars were everywhere. However, Britney's memoir exposes the darkest moments of her relationship with the "Cry Me A River" singer.

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For one, Britney revealed in a preview published in People magazine that she had an abortion while dating Justin.

Then, in another detail shared by Us Weekly, after the abortion, Justin attempted to console Britney, who was "crying and sobbing" on the bathroom floor, by playing his guitar. In her book, Britney reportedly wrote that Justin "thought maybe music would help."

Sure, we all know their relationship didn't stand the test of time by now. Yet, it was still shocking to find out that Justin allegedly broke up with Britney with a simple text message.

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And now, Page Six has figured out precisely how the breakup text went down. Apparently, it took place on the set of the "Overprotected: The Darchild Remix" music video in Los Angeles during a two-day shoot.

Music video director Chris Applebaum told the outlet, "I was so happy that this person who was the biggest star in the world was everything I wanted her to be and then more." Still, toward the end of the second day of filming, Britney suddenly went missing for 20 to 40 minutes.

According to Page Six, Chris found Britney in her trailer, dressed in a Juicy Couture sweatsuit, covered in tears with smudged makeup.

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Britney showed her Motorola flip phone to Chris, saying, "I can't believe it. Look it. This happened."

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And all the text message read was, "It's over!!!"

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Chris reportedly told her, "If you don't have it in you, I totally understand … but if you want to go out there and finish this last set-up in the rain, you can show him that he just made the biggest fucking mistake of his life."

He claims Britney responded, saying, "You know that? That's a good idea. I'm going to show him that he blew the best thing he ever had."

Here's how the fans are responding after discovering what the text message said:

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Britney's memoir comes out on Oct. 24.