Barry Keoghan Might've Revealed A Hint About His Rumored Relationship With Sabrina Carpenter

    He's just showing off at this point.

    Barry Keoghan might've dropped a Taylor Swift-level Easter egg about his rumored relationship.

    Barry Keoghan at an event, wearing a double-breasted suit jacket with shoulder straps

    The Saltburn actor has been romantically linked with Taylor's opener, Sabrina Carpenter, for a hot minute, although nothing's been officially confirmed.

    So far, it's just been a series of random internet interactions and public sightings that fans have tried to piece together like a spicy romance novel on BookTok.

    Man with a tie standing by a wall covered in papers connected with red strings, looking puzzled

    For instance, this cute interaction was from Sabrina's recent performance in Sydney with Taylor.

    a comment on her page left by Barry with an angel emoji

    Barry and Sabrina were romantically linked back in December 2023 after they were photographed at dinner in LA and, before that, at Paris Fashion Week in September of the same year.

    In a GQ interview, Barry confirmed that he split from his girlfriend Alyson Sandro, with whom he shares a son, Brando. So, if he's on the market, Sabrina might be the secret shopper.

    barry posing with an award

    In February, a source told Entertainment Tonight, "Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter have been spending time together."

    Sabrina performing onstage in a sparkly sleeveless dress, holding a microphone

    Recently, Barry was seen attending the Eras Tour in Singapore, and the Masters of Air actor appeared entranced.

    @chleng_/Twitter: @chleng_

    Later in the evening, Barry was rocking out in his red-on-red outfit with Sabrina at his side like a pair of true Swifties.

    LISA with Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan!

    — ٰ (@blckpinkpic) March 4, 2024
    @blckpinkpic/Twitter: @blckpinkpic

    They even had a whole rom-com Taylor and Travis Kelce backstage congratulatory moment captured on camera.

    Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan hugging at the Eras Tour.

    — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) March 4, 2024
    Twitter: @PopCrave

    And now, the latest development in the Barry-Sabrina rumored relationship saga is also a Taylor-adjacent scenario.

    sabrina and taylor sitting together at a piano

    At the W Magazine and Louis Vuitton Academy Awards dinner in Los Angeles on Thursday, Barry was spotted with a very specific accessory wrapped around his wrist.

    barry sitting at restaurant table with other celebs

    Like the true Swiftie "possibly" in love, Barry sported a friendship bracelet that appeared to read "Sabrina," which is seemingly referencing the "Nonsense" singer.

    And he wasn't shy at all about showing it off with his celebrity pals. Here's Barry and Jaden Smith.

    barry and jaden posing, barry throwing a peace sign with the wrist his sabrina bracelet is on

    Here's Barry and his Saltburn costar Archie Madekwe.

    The two men smiling and embracing, the bracelet shown on barry's wrist

    Here's Barry and Taylor's gal pal Lana del Rey.

    The two posing with peace signs

    Here's Barry with Taylor's other gal pals, Alana and Este Haim.

    he's standing in between the two

    And here's Barry with Dune: Part Two star Zendaya.

    zendaya is in a plunging neckline gown as she poses next to him

    In every picture, he's not afraid to show off that he's 100% a Sabrina Carpenter fan. Now the question begs — is this a friendship bracelet or something more?

    barry looking at himself in three-fold mirror

    I obviously won't mind my business, so stay tuned for more rumored relationship updates and Easter eggs.