27 TV Shows That Became So Bad In Later Seasons, People Immediately Quit Watching Them

    Just when things were getting good, these shows dropped the ball.

    As of spring 2022, there were over 800,000 TV shows in the US. I wish this was a gross exaggeration, but it's the facts. With numbers like this, we can't be investing our time in shows that will burn out after the first season.

    Thankfully, Reddit user u/Alive-Skirt295 asked people to spill the tea on why they quit watching popular TV shows in later seasons, and the reasons are very convincing.

    We thank them for their service providers and wasted hours of streaming content.

    It should go without saying that this list is nothing but SPOILERS.

    If you plan on finally watching that show in your queue after seven years — you have been warned.

    1. The Flash (2014)

    2. The Blacklist

    3. New Girl

    4. Pretty Little Liars (2010)

    5. House of Cards

    6. Prison Break

    7. Sliders

    8. Family Guy

    9. Bones

    10. The 100

    11. King of the Hill

    12. The Wire

    13. The L Word

    14. The Umbrella Academy

    15. Vikings

    16. The Fairly OddParents

    17. Westworld

    18. Peaky Blinders

    19. The Magicians

    20. American Gods

    21. Orange Is the New Black

    22. Once Upon a Time

    23. Death Note (2006)

    24. Designated Survivor

    25. Castle

    26. American Horror Story

    27. The Walking Dead

    Do you have shows that got so bad you had to quit after a certain point? Share them in the comments, and don't hold back!