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Why Inclusive Technologies And Regional Languages Will Be The Key Focus For Indian Startups To Cater To The New Billion Users?

Did you know that India is the 4th largest country in terms of tech innovation? Well, this is a fact as given by the NASSCOM 2015 report. India comes immediately after Israel, UK, and US with around 3100 startups coming up each year. Statistics also reveal that startup ecosystem in India saw a 40 percent growth in a number of incubators and startups in the year 2016 – 2017. The startup ecosystem in the country is booming mainly due to the presence of a young, dynamic and inspired pool of entrepreneurs. Smartphones have redefined lives and presented things that seemed impossible a few decades back. With technology developing each day, entrepreneurs are getting new opportunities to drive a change. India is fast emerging as the start-up nation of the world. Entrepreneurs are establishing companies that offer flexibility, convenience and innovative solutions to customers. The recent and past trends show that Indian startups are now focusing on inclusive technology and regional languages as a segment to grow. India is the Land of Diversity Over past years, the focus of entrepreneurs is shifting towards regional languages. India is the land of diversity with innumerable languages, cultures, and religions. To be successful in India as a nation, every entrepreneur needs to win over this diversity of India. They need to understand the differences and reach to the people on the ground level. Start-ups are looking to get connected to villages and many of them have already acquired a strong user base. This is the situation where the importance of regional languages comes into the picture. Defining Inclusive Technology Along with regional languages, another section of society has immensely benefited from technology – people with special needs. Several startups are successfully working towards assistive technology. These companies are providing hardware or software or both that helps people with special needs to live, learn and communicate. These entrepreneurs have brought about a drastic change in the lives of people with physical disability, learning difficulty, sensory impairment and any other kind of special needs. They are helping people with special needs enable equal access to opportunities presented by life. Understanding Regional Markets Connectivity to Internet and penetration of smartphones has drastically improved in the rural areas of India. Even people at the base of consumer pyramid have a strong awareness of smartphones, apps and their benefits. Adopting vernacular languages is a good way to reach out to the masses in India. It has given startups more than a billion new users to target and converts. But, accessing, reaching and converting customers in the regional markets are quite different. There is a difference in the pattern of the local market and regional markets. Start-ups need to understand this pattern, conduct surveys and analyze the user behavior before targeting a particular regional market. Any start-up trying to use the norms and methods of local markets for regional markets are making a fatal mistake. Startups starting bottom-up, from a micro to national macro level are the ones capturing the market. Even tried and tested methods of international markets are bound to fail if you imitate them to regional markets. This is true for traditional as well as digital marketing. Startups need to understand that every regional market has its own customer base, trusted brands, decades of trust and a method of selling. A business needs to understand these basics if it wants to set a base in the regional market. Relay on Local Languages India is striving to become a $1 trillion digital economy. An executive with Google India stated that building more digital content in regional languages will boost this bid being made by India. Statistics reveal that there are approximately 400 million users of the Internet in India. Out of this staggering high number, around 234 million Internet users are using it in the local language. By the end of 2021, the number local language users are expected to cross 536 million. It has become really important that content in local languages is focused upon. Start-ups need to develop technology and products that are optimized for local language and ensures that Internet becomes inclusive. More than 250 million people from smaller cities and towns are expected to come online in the next three to four years and use apps to create content and converse in local, vernacular languages. Start-ups focusing on regional languages are also getting funding from different sources. Resources state that an online storytelling platform in regional languages, raised around $200,000 in seed funding from undisclosed sources. Based in Hyderabad, this platform allows users to publish and monetize content in regional languages. They provide users the option to charge per chapter, series, book or more. They aim to fill the gap between the availability of content in regional languages. The platform offers writing support in more than 10 languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Odiya, Gujarati and more. Another start-up working in regional languages is BetterButter. It boasts of having the largest user-created data in India. This website offers more than 50,000 recipes in multiple languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi. The service for Hindi was launched in 2017 and has seen more than 200,000 hits. They are in the process of adding Gujarati, Telugu, and Bengali in the coming months. Even Google has been quite upbeat of India’s growth as a digital economy. The standalone digital payment app, Tez, launched by Google was built for India. It is not only available in English but also in regional languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi and Telugu. Statistics reveal that demand platforms offering regional content have increased multifold in past years. From hooking users to consume online content in their regional languages to making use of penetration of Internet, startups dealing in regional languages have seen a spike in popularity. They have enabled a large ecosystem of companies, manufacturers and mobile app makers who are now targeting non-English speaking customers. The intent behind enabling regional language interaction is to increase engagement with customers. For startups, the focus is on the customer and in India, and this ecosystem has witnessed a large shift toward regional languages. The app industry for local language apps is expected to mature in the next five to ten years. Startups need to keep innovating and understanding changing regional dynamics to stay a winner in this race!

amanjha 11 months ago

How To Grow Taller Naturally In Best Effective Ways

Are you a guy who is sort of height and looking for natural ways on how you can grow taller and make your effective presence? Do you have a lack of confidence and you are being shy everywhere because of your small height? And you have done everything to make it but nothing is working, don't give up your hope. Well, let me tell you that you are not the only person who is suffering from this problem more than 2 people out of 10 are having height issues nowadays because of polluted weather conditions. So, you need not worry about this as there are certainly effective ways and natural tips to increase height which I have explained below. It may sound untrue for somebody but believe me, it's 100% effective in real life. The height of the human body is dependent on three important aspects and that is basically: Age, Genes, and Environment. These are the key factors for deciding your height. You may try various exercises and natural tips to increase height but you must know that people in their puberty are likely to increase faster than adults. We have discussed some exercises that will help you in your height growth naturally in 1 or 2 weeks. Implement these guidelines that are mentioned below and you will see definite results: 1. Proper Excercise: Excercise is the basic key to increase your height, you have heard it from a lot of peoples out there but believe me, it's not a lie, it is the most effective way to gain height naturally. You need to do the exercises which help you in achieving two key factors and that is first, it will help in stretching your spinal cord and second, it needs to release hormones that naturally increase the size of bones in our body. It sounds great, right? Best exercise to grow height that I mentioned here are swimming, pull-ups also you can do other exercises like Breast Stroke Exercise, Scapular Isolation Exercise, Hundred Abdominal Exercise, Locust Pose, Forward Bend, Warrior Pose, Exercise ball stretching, spine stretching, child pose and cobra pose. These are great height increase exercises for you. 2. Routes or Stretching Stretching is another factor which is considered most which you are planning to increase height fast. You need to stretch a lot if you want faster results within a week. There are lots of stretching and routing exercises out there which help you to achieve your goals. Here, I have explained two of the best stretching exercises that will give you maximum results: 1. Sky Stretch: This is a very simple and basic stretch but believes me it is very effective as well. All you need to do is get up and stand straight, lift your hands and stretch as much as you can up to your toes which coming down. You need to stay in the same position down to the toes for maximum 10-15 seconds then relax, repeat it up to 5 times. 2. Leg Stretching: For this stretch you need to sit down by keeping your legs straight towards you in front, now you need to tough both of your hands to the toes at the same time, it will feel little complex for the first time but you will get it done right when you have some practice. Hold down your toes for 10 seconds and then relax. Do this stretching also for maximum 5 times. You can do these routes 3 times a day for effective results. 3. Cycling Cycling is the best aerobic exercises that burn calories and help you in increasing metabolism and strength. It is also considered as a key type of stretching exercises, although you get exhausted which driving bike for the first time, start slowly by covering few distances, you can increase gradually when you have some practice and strength. Cycling helps in building flexibility in muscles and bones which is responsible for height growth. You may not become tall like Basketball players but you can increase your height for sure. You can also join a club or start by gathering some of your friends if you don't want to drive alone, you can do cycling at least 30 to 45 mins to see the results. 4. Healthy Eating and Balanced Diet: This is the most serious key factor that most of us do not consider, healthy food not only helps in getting your skin and hair shiny and glowing it also helps in increasing the length of your body. You need to ask a dietician or look at yourself for a balanced diet. A balanced diet means you need the proper amount of proteins, calcium, magnesium, vitamin-D, B-12, and iron. If you eat well it helps you in enlargement of your bones and maintains your digestion. If you have proper diet your stamina and energy to work among others will be far better. You can add fruits, vegetables, green leafy foods in your diet as they are rich in fiber and also your body digest it easily. Avoid all any kinds of junk and oily foods, pizza, burgers as these are the real threats to your unhealthy and diseased body. 5. Proper Sleep This is the last but not the least. while we sleep, our body expands and relax its parts so it is advised that keep your legs and arms as free as possible, by doing these tactics you can let your body and bones to increase its size and density. You also need to maintain a proper posture of the body, if possible avoid using pillows. Proper sleep ranges from 8-9 hours as it gradually decreases our stress and tensions also energizes for the next day. so take proper sleep. All the methods that are explained above are best tips for the height growth also do some foot massage on the weekly basis, it is also an effective tip for the height growth. Thanks for having patience in reading the article, kindly share it if you like our effective ways on how to increase height fast.

amanjha One year ago