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  • Neon Indian Documentary

    It’s interesting to talk to a band on the cusp. Thanks to the influence of the blogosphere and a career making performance on Jimmy Fallon, the impressively articulate Alan Palomo of Neon Indian (who was a member of his High School debate club) is probably more surprised than anyone to see the avid reception of a musical project which he himself had very little expectation. The album, Psychic Chasms, inspired by late night trips to the video store and a hot Texas summer spent alone in his apartment, has become one of the most talked about musical endeavors of the year. It’s interesting to talk to them because despite the buzz about the album, the band still has trouble finding parking and getting in to their own show!! It’s as if the band exists slightly outside the realms of media that are so avidly pursuing them – flattered by the appreciation but still stuck in the laid back longing and hazy summer chill of Psychic Chasms. We sat down for dinner with the friendly Neon Indian camp and then headed over for a pre-show chat in the back of their tour van before they played Toronto’s Lee’s Palace.

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