18 Reasons Why You Want Marshall Eriksen From "How I Met Your Mother" To Be Your Best Friend

Move over, Ted Mosby. With How I Met Your Mother ending, it’s okay to admit your undeniable friend crush.

1. He understands your love of food.

2. And he’ll totally pig out with you.

3. He’s the best cuddle buddy.

How could you not love that face?

4. He’s the perfect road trip partner.

And will probably bring the snacks too.

5. He will definitely get you out of trouble with his lawyer skills.


6. Not to mention he’s got mad sweet dance moves.

7. He will absolutely support your drinking habits.

Best drinking buddy ever.

8. He has his priorities straight.

CBS / Via iu2.tumblr.com

9. Don’t forget about his great style.

You can always go to him for fashion advise.

10. He’s the best to coordinate outfits with.

11. You’ll never have to worry about FOMO with him.

12. He loves taking selfies.

A true snapchat master.

13. He’s extremely loyal.

Plus he’s great under pressure.

14. He’ll help you out with your existential life crisis.

15. He’s a believer.

16. And pure of heart.

17. He gives great pep talks.

18. And will constantly push you to be your best self.

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