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13 Times The Addams Family Proved They're The Best Fictional Family To Ever Exist

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh clap clap

1. When Gomez and Morticia were the perfect couple

Paramount Pictures / Via Tumblr

2. Seriously. Swoon.

MGM Television / Via Tumblr

3. When Morticia understood the importance of education

Paramount Pictures / Via Tumblr

4. And picking good college majors

5. When Wednesday showed off her sweet, sweet dance moves

6. It must be a family trait

7. The time it proved black is the superior clothing color

8. Me whenever my friends try to get me to leave my house on the weekend

9. Me too, Morticia. Me too.

10. Honestly, relationship goals

11. When Wednesday taught us how to throw shade

Paramount Pictures / Via Tumblr

12. And when it revealed the truth about teenage girls

Paramount Pictures / Via Tumblr

13. Happy Halloween to the best (fictional) family ever

MGM Television / Via Tumblr

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