Studying For The Bar Exam?

These animals know how you feel… Keep calm and Pass the bar!

1. At first, the sheer quantity you were expected to memorize shocked you

2. You wondered if you were missing out by not taking the mainstream prep course.

Unless you did, and then you miss the money you spent on it

3. When your roommates had guests, you grabbed snacks and retreated to your room to study.

Even on a Saturday night.

4. If they tried to make conversation, you got annoyed.

Seriously, Rules Against Perpetuities will do this to you.

5. A month later, you thought you’d mastered a topic and you felt fierce, until you tried an essay…

Shit. How am I going to remember all this?

6. Over the summer, you’ve spent a lot of time eating. In bed. Alone.

My life. It sucks.

7. Only the extra large glass of wine was good enough

8. You isolated yourself to review and practice. Again and again.

9. You made a “Bar Exam” playlist to motivate you

It kind of worked. Mostly, the dread of not passing motivated you enough.

10. Every night in bed, you stayed up calculating the minimum scores in each section to pass the bar.

So I’d have a 62.5 average if I got a 60, 55, 60, 65, 70, 65… right?

11. Now, you are nervous and anxious but the bar exam is next week!

12. You think you’re not ready…

13. But you are! Everyone believes in you. So cheer up, keep pushing!

Good luck!!

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