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How New Graduates Feel At Networking Events

Let the derp-fest begin!

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You wake up early. Need to look professional.

Wear a suit. Likely your only suit.


Lookin' sharp, though!

You move slowly. Don't want to ruin the suit.

At the event, you hang out by the door for a bit.


You know, scope out the situ.

Nervously look around. Why is everyone so comfortable and talkative?

How are you going to separate yourself from everyone else?

So you stand around and smile at everyone for a while.


"How're you?" "Good, you?" "Good as well, you?" *awkward silence*

You feel like an awkward giant.


Or like an underwhelming duckling. Whichever applies.

You're jumpy as hell.


You nearly screamed when the waiter asked if you wanted a refill.

You're so afraid of your clumsy self unveiling himself.

If you try to shake someone's hand, you might do something stupid.


Like fall. For no reason.

You head to the refreshments area.


You'll network with this food.

You run into a colleague, but he's so busy networking, he ignores you.


"Okay, then. See you later."

You try to approach someone who looks important.



You freak out when someone tries to talk to you.



If you're with someone else, they're hogging all the limelight.


Shut up and let me talk!

Going to go hang out in the corner for a while? Sounds like a plan.

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