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Cats Who See The Unseen Threats In Your House

These cats are really worried about all the dangers you expose yourself to you everyday.

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Don't sit on this hooman.


I will save you from this ultimate comforting massage.

What. Why. How does this thing move?!

Technology just moves too fast for kitty sometimes



Everything around technology is cursed.

They always misuse anything electrical.


Headphones, kitty. Not for scratching.

NOT a sitting area. Keyboard. Repeat after me. KEYBOARD.


Don't even bring it up to them.


Freaks them out.

Even the simplest technology.


They just have no clue. Whatsoever.

Look at this kitty.


Has more fun with the box. Sheesh.

They get straight up violent.

Beat the DRUM, kitty. THE DRUM.


Enough with the box already.

Calm down, that's a windshield wiper.

Cats hate technology so much they want to break things.

Everything that beeps or lights up.

Especially things that hover.

To kitty, this is not a popcorn maker.


It's a lethal weapon.

This washing machine needs to DIIEEE

THIS THING?! It turns on that device that makes you not pet me.

I'm watching very closely for signs of danger.

This ... is ... a ... toy?!?


I hate it.

What's that toxic thing spewing?!

You're in danger. I'm here to warn you and save your life.

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