30 Things That Are Way More Fun With Friends

We all get by with a little help, but we also need our friends to make life more fun.

1. Running around in fields

2. Yes, even napping.

3. Hanging out with famous people

4. Coordinated flash dances

Or jumping rope, whatever.

5. Eating healthy

6. Rocking out

8. Working out

9. Chasing butterflies

10. Being patriotic

11. Rising to the top


12. Making human formations

13. Comforting each other

14. Waking up super early

15. Receiving Unexpected News

He proposed?!

16. Standing up to bullies

17. Watching sports

Game. Set. Match.

18. Volunterring

19. Learning new things

Even if you struggle, at least your friends are with you.

20. Talking politics

Even if it’s intense sometimes

21. Group exercise

22. Feeling happy.

23. Overcoming hurdles

24. Planning surprise parties

Happy Birthday!!

That’s not what they’re doing? Oh.

25. Singing

26. Taking public transportation.

Even if you’re not sardines.

27. Goofin’ off

28. Being appreciated

Or cuddled ;)

29. Pondering existentialism


30. Being bored

Bc you won’t be bored for too long.

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