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26 Animals Who Are Total Divas

It's a hardknock life for these kings and queens of the earth.

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1. Ugh my hair... is this *regular* chlorine in this pool?

2. 151 strokes. I told you *twice* already.


Fucking peasants.

3. Why are there all these stairs between my room and the world?

4. This is *not* 1400 Thread Count


Don't even try to lie to me right now.

5. Oh hey sweetie...


Ugh, what is she wearing??

6. OMG open up! There's *normal people* out here

7. Where can I get some *gold-trimmed* wrapping paper?

8. OMG did you just touch me with your retail-selling hands??

9. Wait... are you using store-brand conditioner on my hair?

10. OMG... Really? I'm so sick of this non-branded water.


Is this $6.50 too much for a bottle? It's fucking water. I need it. To live.

11. Ew I'm not walking on the floor in a *public restroom*

12. Ugh. I'm so tired of kisses

13. Didn't I say non-fat soy latte?

DIDN'T I?!? DIDN'T I?!?!

14. Is this salad a thousand years old?



15. Umm thanks for that cuddle, but I G2G


17. Ugh this restaurant is SO crowded


They just let *anyone* in here, don't they?

18. Did you even take an etiquette class?

19. Stop cursing. It's very unbecoming.

20. Oohh so you got half your masseuse degree online?


This shit is coming off your tip, bitch.

21. How do you tantrum? Let me show you...


This. Is. How. You. Fucking. Tantrum.

22. Hey, you. Can you clear my dishes from the first course?

23. Is the fucking paparazzi gone?


Is it safe to come out?

24. Yaayy!! Are you done fucking petting me?

25. I had to beat those bitches off of me

26. Ugh. My life.


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