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24 Reasons A Panda Should Never Be Your BFF

Sure, he's cute, but once you get past that, you'll see he's SO annoying.

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1. "Everyone has one" is a stupid reason

2. He drinks more even if he's already drunk.

Then he acts all surprised when he's hungover


"I just had 14 beers!"

3. He's in your face. All the time.

4. "Dancing". That's what he calls what he does at the club.


The king of two-left-feet

5. He's SO SLOW.

OMG HURRY UP you're blocking the whole sidewalk

6. No balance either. Whatsoever.

7. It's like he can't grip Anything. Ever.


Probably explains the balance

8. You've been getting into bar fights, hanging out with him

9. He's so clumsy, it's embarrassing

10. Because, idk if you knew, but pandas fall all the time

Whether they're together...

Or alone.

11. Every time they climb something, they fall. Every. Time.

Can you stop falling for one second, please!?

What's worse than baby pandas with no balance?


Adult pandas who can't stand up for like, one minute.

12. Pandas are this rare combination of asshole and clumsy

13. Butterpaws. They drop everything.

14. You bought your friend a nice present and he ripped it apart.

15. How rude. But that's just how he is.


Talk to the paw, bro.

16. Crumbs on EVERYTHING.

17. He gets his fur coat all dirty, and then complains about it.


Don't you have enough laundry to do?

18. Even his mom is sick of him.


*light smack*

19. No consideration for how busy you are. He drinks like all night...


It gets really bad sometimes.

Then he's all like "Oh nah bro, I'm okay to drive"

20. Pandas suck at reading maps.


"Idk how I got here, frealz. Can I get a ride, though?"

21. He annoys you all the time.


"Get away from me, Panda!"

22. He's ALWAYS hungry


They'll steal all your food without asking

23. If he's not eating, he's thinking of food.

Or he's wasted.

Or falling.

24. I doubt he even cares that you love him

Do you really need a friend like this?


Didn't think so.

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