25 Signs You Went To Mill Valley High School

We A.R.E. Mill Valley.

1. A large proportion of the student body worked at Price Chopper.

2. And you couldn’t go there without seeing at least 3 people you know.

3. You couldn’t wait to be an upperclassman so the assemblies would finally face you.

4. You rolled your eyes at the cheerleaders…

5. …but adored the Silver Stars.

6. You had/have strong opinions on the football team.

7. You knew the weight room doubled as a peanut butter sandwich factory.

8. You secretly liked all of Mr. Bogart’s bad jokes on the announcements, though you made fun of them.

9. Sitting in the student section at basketball games was always a blast.

10. You always went to see the school musicals and plays. (And they were always good!)

11. Spirit days were the best because Mr. Howard would paint his whole head with the school colors.

12. Leaving for school after 7:30 meant sitting on Monticello for at least 15 minutes.

13. You detested the middle-schoolers who just walked across the street and expected you to stop for them.

14. You parked in a staff spot more than once when you were running late.

15. You rubbed the nose of the Jaguar in the main foyer before a test for good luck.

16. Mrs. Mattingly’s daily quotes on the board warmed your heart.

17. You asked Mr. Rodkey to do 100 push-ups and he stopped class and did.

18. You’ve caught one of Mr. Strickland or Mr. Stinnett’s tennis balls.

19. You either hated or loved your seminar: there was no in between.

20. You loved getting the school newspaper. (And the yearbook at the end of the year!)

21. You know the cookies in the lunchroom were sent from heaven above.

22. “Sports with Brennan Mense” was the best part of MVTV.

23. You mumbled the fight song until the… J…A…G…U A R S! Jaguars! Jaguars! Go! Fight! Win!

24. You are proud to have gone to Mill Valley and know that it is the greatest school.

25. And no matter where you are in life, you will always remember this: we A.R.E. Mill Valley.

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