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    How I Met Your Mother Cast From Season 1 To Season 9

    Let's see how everyone has changed…and how Barney never ages.

    Ted Mosby (Season 1)

    Look at that baby face shine!

    Ted Mosby (Season 9)

    Awww…look at our Ted all grown up!

    Robin Scherbatsky (Season 1)

    Rockin' the early 2000's get up.

    Robin Scherbatsky (Season 9)

    From turtlenecks to the most fashionable woman on the show!

    Marshall Eriksen (Season 1)

    Baby faced Marshall!

    Fun Fact: Jason Segel was only 25 when HIMYM began.

    Marshall Eriksen (Season 9)

    From a young grad-student to a father.

    Lily Aldrin (Season 1)

    *Sigh* Remember the shot ginger bob? Good times….gooood times.

    Lily Aldrin (Season 9)

    We can say for sure we've seen a total evolution of Lily's hair throughout the seasons.

    And I leave you with this… Barney Stinson (Season 1)

    Barney Stinson (Season 9)

    The only thing that has changed is his hair. Does this man ever age?! We think not!

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