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34 Times The Muppets Spoofed A Movie Poster And Totally Nailed It

The Muppets are masters of movie mockery.... these poster parodies are the perfect proof.

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1. Forrest Gump

2. Pretty Woman

3. The Sound of Music

4. Batman

5. Men In Black

6. Mission: Impossible

7. Wall-E

8. Patton

9. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

10. Jaws

11. Raging Bull

12. Grumpy Old Men

13. Driving Miss Daisy

14. Goldfinger

15. Shine

16. Wild Hogs

17. Lawrence of Arabia

18. Face/Off

19. The English Patient

20. Sense and Sensibility

21. Rebel Without A Cause

22. Hannah Montana

23. Breakfast At Tiffany's

24. Four Weddings and a Funeral

25. Twilight

26. Titanic

27. Pulp Fiction

28. The Graduate

29. Austin Powers

30. High School Musical

31. Jurassic Park

32. Ace Ventura

33. The Godfather

34. Pirates of the Caribbean

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