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20 People In Your Neighborhood

Who are the people in your neighborhood? Here are 20 people that you meet when you're walking down the street... they're the people that you meet each day.

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1. Barber

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A barber has a great big chair; you sit in it, he cuts your hair. He'll snip and clip and never rest until he makes you look your best. A barber is a person in your neighborhood.

2. Bus Driver

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A bus driver works hard, you know, to take you where you want to go. So if, by chance, you're going his way, well, he'll see you on his bus one day (if you're lucky). A bus driver is a person in your neighborhood.

3. Cable Guy

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A cable guy hooks up your TV to play your favorite show or movie. If you are seeing nothing but fuzz, he'll come and fix it 'cause... a cable guy's a person in your neighborhood.

4. Carpenter

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A carpenter is very good when it comes to hammers, nails and wood. If you want to build a house, a porch, or chair, well, a carpenter can help you there 'cause a carpenter's a person in your neighborhood.

5. Dentist

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A dentist cares for all your teeth - the top ones and the ones beneath. So if you have shaky tooth, he'll fix it quick, and that's the truth! A dentist is a person in your neighborhood.

6. Doctor

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The doctor makes you well real quick, if by chance you're feeling sick. He works and works the whole day long to help you feel well and strong. A doctor is a person in your neighborhood.

7. Garbage Man

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The garbage man works hard each day. He'll always take your trash away. He drives the biggest truck you've ever seen and he'll make sure your streets are clean. The garbage man is a person in your neighborhood.

8. Elevator Operator

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If the building where you live is tall, then he is just the one you ought to call. In his elevator car you'll soar while he takes you up from floor to floor. An elevator operator is a person in your neighborhood.

9. Fireman

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A fireman is brave it's said. His engine is a shiny red. If there's a fire anywhere about, well, he'll be sure to put it out! A fireman's a person in your neighborhood.

10. Grocer

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The grocer sells the things you eat like bread and eggs, cheese and meat. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it at the grocery store. A grocer is a person in your neighborhood.

11. Letter Carrier

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A letter carrier brings the mail through rain or snow or sleet or hail. She'll work and work the whole day through to get your letters safe to you. A letter carrier is a person in your neighborhood.

12. Librarian

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A librarian will help you look for a special magazine or book. There's a lot to read, and it's for free, so come down to his library. A librarian is a person in your neighborhood.

13. Lifeguard

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A lifeguard works out in the sun watching over everyone. At the ocean, at the beach, or at the pool, she sees that safety is the rule. A lifeguard is a person in your neighborhood.

14. News Dealer

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The news dealer's the man you need if you want to get some stuff to read. If you want a paper or a comic book, well, his newsstand is the place to look. The news dealer is a person in your neighborhood.

15. Nurse

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A nurse will help you when you're sick, she'll make you feel all right real quick. And even if you have to get a shot (ow!), she'll hold your hand, which helps a lot. A nurse is a person in your neighborhood.

16. Pharmacist

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As the doctor's friend she's very glad she can help you when you're feeling bad. For the medicines she'll give to you, those things will make you good as new. A pharmacist is a person in your neighborhood.

17. Pilot

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A pilot flies a plane up high. He carries people through the sky. If you're going on a trip someday, he'll be there to help you on your way 'cause a pilot is a person in your neighborhood.

18. Plumber

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The plumber is the one who knows how to fix the toilet when it overflows. If you have a stopped-up toilet, drain, or sink, she'll be there to fix it quick as a wink. A plumber is a person in your neighborhood.

19. Teachers

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A teacher works the whole day through to teach important things to you. They'll teach you things you won't forget like numbers and the alphabet. A teacher is a person in your neighborhood.

20. Cheese

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A cheese is a really great fella. You can call him Swiss, Brie, or Mozzarella. He's a really, really tasty dish. Try melting him on tuna fish. A cheese is a person in your neighborhood?

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