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    • mundo111

      I just looked at Lee’s website and8of the last 10 headlines are attacks on other journalists at the UN. That’s 80%, not 25% “media critique”. And Lee’s “media critique” looks to me like it’s little more than an obsession with damaging the reputations of other members of the UN press corps with distortions, insinuations and/or erroneous allegations. And it’s disheartening to see people once again referring to him asa”journalist”. One of his new posts actually suggests UNCA is to blame for his filthy office. Incredible. Another interesting statistic. If you doagoogle search, you can find hundreds of attacks by Lee on other journalists and only one article on the UN Post website critical of him. So who’s doing the attacking here? Lee’s not the victim. In my view, it’s hardly surprising that VOA and others don’t want the guy around. He’s been attacking fellow reporters for two years with unfounded allegations of the kind that no real journalist could get past an editor (he has no editor). He screams at people in public at the UN inaway that no institution should tolerate. But typical of the UN, Lee got reaccredited —apoint he doesn’t like to raise on his website, maybe because it would undermine his fantasy of persecution. Lee’s notahero or underdog or anything positive. He doesn’t even break news anymore, apparently because no one wants to talk to him. He keeps talking about his reporting from NY on the Sri Lanka war against the Tamil Tigers. But that ended4years ago!

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