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The Global Naughty Or Nice List

We all know one of those super nice people. They help old women across the street, never leave the toilet seat up and give you their last French fry. It's those charity working, compliment giving, birthday remembering niceys. Or maybe you know one of those bad-ass naughty doers—the no-good, rotten, nasty meanheads. They've flipped us the bird, flirted with our significant others, AND stole your friggin' parking spot yesterday. Well, it's holiday time and just as Santa would have it - here's your chance to put those peeps on the Global Naughty or Nice List - and give credit or a kick to the balls where it's due. Join us in our global [beta] quest to expose., for better and for worse, the goody goody...and the not so well behaved... -declared "the best agency holiday greeting card" by MediaBistro!

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