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    7 Shocking Facts From Mumsnet's Miscarriage Care Campaign

    Mumsnet's survey of over a thousand women who had miscarried showed that the treatment and support women receive following a miscarriage fails to meet the official national guidelines. Here are seven of the most shocking facts revealed by the survey.

    If it hasn't happened to you, it's happened to someone you know.

    Think this is an emergency? No one else does.

    "When I asked how much longer it would be, I was told I was taking up their time."

    Nor, apparently, is it an experience that commands compassion – or privacy.

    "I sat with other ladies who were still pregnant and waiting for scans… Seeing their happy faces tore me apart."

    You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd be better off at home. Except...

    A staggering 31% of women who miscarried at home following a scan were not offered any pain relief at all. In fact, only 26% of women were given further medical care of the 56% who wanted it.

    Still think you'd rather avoid hospital? Brace yourself.

    "I don't want to catch my miscarried embryo in a urine sample pot at home, keep it in the fridge overnight, then take it on the train for two hours for genetic testing."

    When it's all over, don't bank on any help in picking up the pieces.

    “I had to wait six months to get counselling and lost six months of my life as I was not coping with the loss."

    All of which makes the final statistic unsurprising...

    "When I felt ready to talk, I didn't have anyone ready to listen."

    We need your help to improve miscarriage care in the UK...

    We're asking politicians to pledge to improve miscarriage care, based on the principles in our Code of Care, by 2020 - the end of the next parliament.

    Please ask the three politicians who can make this happen - Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt), Andy Burnham (@andyburnhammp) and Norman Lamb (@normanlamb) - for their support.

    Click here to Tweet them
    , and help to improve miscarriage care for all women.

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