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    18 Products You Will Love If You Are A Total Homebody

    home *sweet* home, literally.

    1. This doormat that literally spells out your love for home - ₹399

    2. Blackout curtains to maximise your sleeping, binging, or staying-at-home experience - ₹499

    3. Make your own face wash AT HOME with this DIY kit - ₹499

    4. Master the art of chalk lettering with The Big Awesome Book of Hand And Chalk Lettering - ₹1,414

    5. A smart bulb to set the ~mood~. You get to choose the colour, and even play music! - ₹699

    6. A set of washable markers and pillow covers on which you can doodle multiple times - ₹320

    7. Feel a little less guilty about being indoors all the time with these air purifying indoor plants (Areca Palm and ZZ Plant) - ₹845

    8. A 500-piece jigsaw puzzle to keep you company at home - ₹724

    9. A Mandala colouring book to rejuvenate and calm yourself - ₹175

    10. If you're looking to really jog the motors of your brain, get this book filled with Sudoku puzzles - ₹520

    11. Unwind with this candle that has a delicious aroma of red berries, and is labeled "Self-Love" - ₹499

    12. A pair of fluffy slippers that you'll 100% need now that winter's here - ₹481

    13. This T-shirt that has your timetable written all over it - ₹499

    14. A flexible mobile holder to relieve your tired palms and wrists - ₹599

    15. A comforter that is so snug, it won't be an exaggeration to say that you will never want to leave your bed - ₹1,799

    16. Wanna take cosy to the next level? Spoil yourself crazy with this crotchet mermaid blanket - ₹2,479

    17. A swing, in case you are ever tired of your bed (seems unlikely, yeah), which will also do the job of taking your decor up a notch - ₹2,199

    18. And these cushions (a punny one and a stylish one) that give out your entire homebody vibe - ₹199/₹399