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    17 No-Effort Beauty Products That Will Save So Much Of Your Time

    Use the extra time for a beauty nap 😉

    1. A moisturising cream from Cetaphil that can rightly be called the Holy Grail of hydrating skincare. It can be used on the face and body, so you won't have to invest in multiple products - ₹410

    2. Make sure your makeup is on point and effortless with this gorgeous lip and cheek tint. It's made for everyone who loves efficient products that save both their money and time - ₹795

    3. Tired of spending hours getting the perfect wing on both eyes? Get this eyeliner that comes with a stamp to speed up the process - ₹259

    4. Trim your eyebrows, sideburns, upper lip, underarms, and bikini line with this pretty amazing electric trimmer from Veet. One device, so many uses. And everything will be done in a matter of minutes - ₹1,499

    5. This drop dead gorgeous Sugar matte crayon lipstick in the shade Claire Redfield that can seamlessly be worn from day to night - ₹719

    6. A refreshing and hydrating red grape and niacinamide overnight gel mask if you don't want an exhausting skincare routine - ₹254

    7. Stop playing around with your acne and use these patches which will heal the pimples much faster. Just pop one on and you're good to go! These can be worn under makeup as well - ₹325

    8. A satin hair bonnet that will tame frizzy hair overnight and retain its moisture too. Wake up with your hair already done - ₹549

    9. Keep your lips moisturised, hydrated and healthy with this blackberry lip balm that'll also give your lips a lovely hue so you always look ready - ₹129

    10. These daily cleansing wipes enriched with aloe vera, cucumber, and vitamin E to cleanse skin without using any additional products and also to keep it cool and fresh - ₹162 for 3 packs

    11. An epilator from Philips that boasts of two speed settings for both thick and fine hair so you always get a thorough shave. It's gentle, comfortable, and very easy to use. Say goodbye to the wrath of parlour aunties and the amount of time you spend shaving or waxing - ₹2,983

    A person shaving their leg with the epilator

    12. An organic flaxseed and olive oil hair cream to transform your hair profile from unmanageable to gorgeously tousled! The cream can be used daily without damaging your hair, and you can rinse it off with just water - ₹449

    13. This eye serum mask that will effectively hydrate your under-eye area and reduce dark circles in just 15 minutes - ₹74

    14. This aloe vera gel that works miracles, I'm not even exaggerating! You can use it for as a moisturiser for your face and body, aftershave lotion, hair gel, and cleansing hair conditioner - ₹239

    15. Dry shampoo for those days when you don't have enough time to wash your hair (or if you're just feeling lazy) - ₹279

    Cherry flavoured dry shampoo

    16. This beat-selling mascara makes your lashes voluptuous, voluminous, and so curly! The anti-clump applicator makes sure that each lash is coated with the mascara, which lasts for 18 hours so you don't need to redo it frequently. It's dramatic enough to wear without any kohl or eyeliner - ₹268

    A before and after image of an eye. The after image show us dramatic and voluminous eyelashes because of the mascara.

    17. If you want a handy tool to keep your hair from looking like a total mess during your work call, this straightening brush from Philips is just what you need. It does the job in 5 minutes so it's okay even if you're literally just out of bed - ₹2,795 (MRP: ₹3,495)

    Bollywood actress, Alia Bhatt, using the straightening brush