8 Mental Health Artists On Instagram Who Will Make You Feel 1000% Better With Their Illustrations

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    The past two years have been a complete roller-coaster ride for most people, including myself, and they certainly have been detrimental to my mental health. After being in front of a screen, practically all day — right from watching YouTube videos and endlessly scrolling through Instagram Reels, to even simply typing out stuff for work — I decided to make this space a bit more healthy for myself.

    Although it is now being touted as an ad space, Instagram is actually a pretty great place for discovering artists and creative accounts. Their work, particularly on mental health, has become a respite for me, especially when the platform gets a bit too overwhelming with the constant life updates and travel videos.

    Here are 8 artists whose work you should look up in order to give yourself a nice, relaxing break, while also to help yourself acknowledge why you are feeling the way you are.

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    1. @crazyheadcomics | Matilda

    2. @sonaksha | Sonaksha

    3. @bethdrawsthings | Beth Evans

    4. @recipesforselflove | Alison Rachel

    5. @selfcarespotlight | Steph

    6. @gmfdesigns | Gabby

    7. @peopleiveloved | Carissa Potter Carlson

    8. @laurajaneillustrations | Laura Lane Jones

    Here are some other mental health resources that you might find helpful.

    If you need to talk to someone immediately, if you have suicidal thoughts, or know someone in distress, please reach out. You can speak to someone by calling AASRA’s 24x7 helpline at +91 98204 66726. Alternatively, you can call these numbers of other local helplines, emergency services, and mental health organisations.

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