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    Frank Rossitano's Top 10 Trucker Hats On "30 Rock"

    As our epicly loved sitcom 30 Rock comes to a close, we take a look back at our top 10 favorite pieces of Frank Rossitano's statement headwear.

    "Ninja Expert": Season 1, Episode 1

    "Karate Prom": Season 2, Episode 6

    "Harvard": Season 2, Episode 8

    "Jumbled Letters": Season 3, Episode 11

    "Single": Season 4, Episode 22

    "Food Coma": Season 5, Episode 18

    "Flip Phone Owner": Season 6, Episode 5

    "Be Cool Liz": Season 6, Episode 9

    "Emoticon Iliterate": Season 6, Episode 14

    "Period": Season 7, Episode 13 (Series Finale)

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