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20 Times VMA Nominees Perfectly Explained Your Internet Habits

Going online is like entering a whole 'nother world to get lost in...just like watching a sick music video. Don't miss Miley Cyrus when she hosts the 2015 VMAs on Sunday, August 30 at 9/8c on MTV!

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1. When you log on and start posting:

Lava / Republic Records / Via

"Oh hey, followers. I'm back."

2. Your face for real when you comment "lol" on something:

Third Man Records / Via

Same face when you're typing "lmao" or "rofl" 90% of the time too.

3. How you describe yourself online vs. how you actually are:

Just leave your "About Me" a blank space.

4. When you can’t remember your password:

Domino Records / Via

Why'd You Only Sign In When You're High?

5. When you stop before clicking something disturbing but then click it anyway:

Atlantic / Infectious Records / Liberation Records / Via

*braces self*

6. When your Wi-Fi won’t connect to the internet:

Monkey Puzzle Records / Via

*types in 30-character-long password even more carefully*

7. When you type in your password thinking it’s wrong, but it’s correct:

GOOD Music / Def Jam / Via


8. When you publish a post, but then notice there's a typo in it:

Island / Republic Records / Via


9. When you post a slew of hot selfies intended for your crush to notice:

Young Money / Cash Money / Republic Records / Via

*waits impatiently for friends to comment how good I look*

10. When you’re about to buy something online, and the shipping costs more than the item:

300 Entertainment / Via

It's a trap.

11. Logging in to Facebook on your birthday:

Sony Music / Via

Them notification notes making music up in here.

12. When you tweet something hilarious you stole from Tumblr:

DCD2 / Island Records / Via

If there's such a thing as bad internet karma, this is how to get it.

13. How you feel when you change your status to “In a Relationship”:

Asylum / Atlantic Records / Via

♫ So honey, now, post it into your timeline♫

14. When you add someone on FB just because you know they bring the drama:

Parkwood / Columbia Records / Via

Or because they're friends with someone you're trying to stalk.

15. How you feel when a stranger defends you in the comments:

Rubyworks / Island Records / Columbia Records / Via

"My friend."

16. When someone writes a long comment saying exactly what you want to say so you don’t have to say it:

Warp Records / Via

Clicking like > writing and editing a sermon.

17. When you try a makeup tutorial:

Atlantic Records / Mad Decent / OWSLA / Via

Clown contouring is, appropriately, a joke.

18. When you're about to post something childish, but you stop yourself because you're grown:

GOOD Music / Def Jam Records / Via

When in anger, refrain from speech. And tweeting. And status updating.

19. When you try to go viral:

RCA Records / Via

But no1 curr.

20. When your mom doesn’t tell your dad what she saw you post online:

Big Machine Records / Via

Luh you, Ma. 👭

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