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12 Reasons You'll Love "The Shannara Chronicles" If You're A "Teen Wolf" Fan

If Teen Wolf feeds your TV soul, then get ready to feast! Catch Teen Wolf on Tuesdays at 9/8c followed by The Shannara Chronicles at 10/9c for magic, monsters, and more.

1. They're both led by a stellar ensemble cast.

How can that many people have great hair?! Seriously, tho.

2. Their camaraderie makes for great on-camera chemistry!

Which makes us want to be friends with all of them, obvi.

3. And chemistry doesn't hurt when you're dealing with epic love stories.

Horses and rain. Doesn't get more romantic than that.

4. Terry Brooks recently got chummy with the cast of Teen Wolf.

5. Things get spooky when you least expect them to.

YOU GUYS. That's the best time for spookiness!!!

6. And you never know when you're veering into horror territory.

Are these two related? Something around the mouth...

7. Swords are a thing.

Who doesn't love a little swordplay? No one, that's who.

8. The eye candy is bountiful.

You can never have too much eye candy. It's actually very good for you, like veggies! The eye veggies are bountiful.

9. They have kickass women.

Not a euphemism. These women actually kick ass.

10. And scary-ass women.

And scary-ass badass women. You get it...

11. There are fantastical new creatures at every turn.

Psst, Teen WolfShannara monster crossover? THINK ABOUT IT, MTV.

12. Magic is always a game-changer.

Pro tip: If your body lights up in any way, you're probably magic.

Teen Wolf returns on a new night and time — Tuesdays at 9/8c — followed by The Shannara Chronicles at 10/9c on MTV and the MTV App.

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