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If Men Had To Deal With Rape Culture In The Ways That Women Do

It'd be much harder to ignore the problem.

1. Jake would have a hard time choosing which vacation selfie to post.

2. Dan's commute would involve dealing with more than just train delays.

3. Tim wouldn't be able to just put his drink down anywhere.

4. Max would have a hard time wearing what he wants to school.

5. Rick would have a hard time getting dressed in general tbh.

6. When it comes to telling people what happened last night, Ben would struggle.

7. And new running routes wouldn't be so exhilarating for Tyler.

8. Will would struggle to find the "right" kind of smile.

9. Andy would be worrying about more than missing his stop every day.

10. Brad would be an expert at risk assessment.

11. And these guys would be four times more likely to leave college having experienced unwanted sexual contact.

Rape culture is everyone's problem, and thinking about how you may be complicit in rape culture is the first step in fighting it. Learn more with MTV's Look Different.