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Special Ops: Changing The Face Of Rock Music With Their New Release

After the 2017 Grammys put Disturbed in the same category as Beyoncé for the best Rock performance, one had to wonder, “What has happened to the Rock genre?”

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After the nomination, Disturbed’s lead singer David Draiman questioned, "When did it all become ‘rock'? It’s too diverse! When you can have, a Beyoncé and a Disturbed in the same category, something has gone wrong."

Had the direction of Rock hit a standstill, halted by image consultants and drum machines?

As if to answer the call, Canadian band, Special Ops came out of their 5 year hiatus after bass player, Waldo Thornhill who was stricken with cancer went into remission and is currently back to full health, unleashed the hit single “Angers Creeping”, along with a 6 track album, making it their 8th album released.

The new release is a sweet mix of thumping rhythmic, catchy vibrations and unparalleled musical talent thought lost to the world of synthetic beats.

The Lead vocalist and guitarist Akbar Johnson credits the four-piece band's unique sound to all growing up with different musical influences, from Jazz to 80s Metal. This creates a curious heavy pulse met with a memorable pitter-patter that gives old Rockers a sense of nostalgia along with newcomers a new sense of rebellion and Rock. That heavy, dirty, smutty Rock we’d feared had been left behind was really just taking some time off to recoup.

Special Ops is currently touring Canada until the 17th of June, tour dates can be found on their Website and their album Tangents is available on iTunes, Spotify and CD baby.

Let’s hope next Grammys we won’t need to ask Rock about its whereabouts.

Watch 'Angers Creeping' by Special Ops!

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