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Psych's Authenticity In Music And In Life

A natural conversationalist, Mississauga rapper Psych isn’t afraid to be authentic.

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View any of Psych’s social media and be hit with his ambition that radiates off these platforms. Impossibly thankful, he’s the kind of person you’d feel good seeing succeed. It’s quite apparent that Psych, as an adolescent, was the type who scribbled “P S Y C H” throughout his journals, his workbooks, and on local park benches, dreaming of the day when he’d see his name in lights.

Of course that’s not to take away from the sheer determination this 25 year old rapper possess, instead it is a statement of the diligence and deliberation he has sustained.

“Ever since I dropped my album Escape from Shadowland, I've just been reaching out to people independently and finding people I can work with to market myself. But I taught myself no matter where I am and where I'm trying to go, I will discipline myself and push myself harder every time something comes between me and my dreams.”

After being open on these sites about the hardship he has faced and the people closest to him who gave up, in one way or another, you find yourself connecting with his journey and finding ways to relate to this Canadian rapper. “It's not easy escaping, but we must remember who we are and what we fight for. You can't let anybody else fuck with that, you know yourself and you do what you have to. For anyone we've lost due to bad decisions, I pray for you and I hope those of us watching have learnt something.”

Born with an innate sense of compassion, Psych is a natural born leader. His social media posts are full of messages, and wisdom, wisdom he shares not to preach but to ponder, an act of open thinking, meditating ideas and letting ones in among its flight.

“Sometimes when you make a decision in your mind, the only way to learn if it was a good or bad one is to just go through it.”

With Psych being a born frontrunner, the decision to stick with music was a significant one. The more celebrated he becomes, the more responsive he is.

So let’s get him talking.

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