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    17 Time Mike Wazowski Brought Comedy Gold To "Monsters, Inc"

    "Okay, first of all, it's 'creetin'. If you're gonna threaten me, do it properly."

    Monsters, Inc is a classic movie that's loved by all, but the only characters ever really talked about are Sulley and Boo, which is not on.

    I've gathered together Mike's best moments, and there's no doubt in my mind that I'll convince you he is the BEST character in Monsters, Inc.

    1. When he appointed himself Sulley's personal trainer.

    Mike looking really angry in front of his home windows– Captioned "Less talk, more pain, Marshmallow boy!"

    2. When he clapped back at Sulley for wanting to walk.

    3. And then when he used a sarcastic remark about a fellow monster on the same walk.

    4. When he refused to let Randall know he was afraid.

    Mike looking at Randall off camera looking annoyed. Captioned "I wasn't scared, I have allergies".

    5. When he recognised his size would get him nowhere, so his best pal could handle the job instead.

    6. When he gave us this witty one-liner on his date with Celia.

    7. When he snatched his teddy off of Boo.

    Mike holding his teddy bear away from Boo looking horrified. Boo looks really sad as she reached out towards Mike and the teddy.

    8. When he referred to Boo as an 'it'.

    Mike is stuffed into a bin and Sulley is looking up confused. The room is dark and both monsters have no idea ow it happened.

    9. When he spoke to Sulley with peak level sarcasm.

    10. When he had to grovel for help from Roz.

    11. When he tried to put Boo through the wrong door.

    12. When Randall tried to get him to answer the simplest of questions.

    13. When he gave Sulley the dryest response in history.

    14. When he gave attitude to Randall.

    15. When he tried, but failed, to comfort Sulley.

    16. When he finally got a chance to bring his boss down.

    17. When he actually ~tried~ to be funny.

    So, did I convince you? Let's talk about it in the comments below!

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