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For The Love Of Animals, "The Dodo"

Animal lovers, rejoice! There is a new, up and coming, community based social media site all about animals and the people who love them. "The Dodo" features trending stories about animals from across the world using photos, videos, gifs and more. The website covers conservation movements, environmental issues, and even cute kittens just like on Buzzfeed. You can join the website and become apart of the community, sharing posts, videos, pictures; anything you feel important enough for the world to see.

Maeve T. 5 years ago

Cute Baby Pandas Go Down A Slide

Yeah, nuff' said. Baby pandas at the Chengdu Panda Base in China love this wooden slide just like a couple of kids on a playground.

Maeve T. 5 years ago

Amazing Documentary About The Unlikely Friendship Between A Baby Sheep, Elephant And Giraffe

"Wild and the Woolly, An Elephant and his Sheep" is the cutest 50 minute documentary you will ever see. Have a weakness for baby orphaned animals? So does Albert, a sheep that becomes friends with Themba, an elephant, and a baby Giraffe, Melvin, at the Shamwari Rehabilitation Centre. Watch and see how this odd trio becomes the most beautiful example of friendship ever.

Maeve T. 5 years ago

5 Reasons Why Samantha Jones Is Your Role Model

We all have our favorite Sex And the City characters but here's why Samantha Jones should be yours.

Maeve T. 5 years ago